Build Quality

Digital to analog conversion

Performed by independent Left and Right converters. Practically, there are 32 DAC`s in parallel for each channel. We are using the world`s best DAC converters, SABRE ES9038PRO. The output stage was carefully tuned to preserve the quality delivered by these astonishing chips, close to the limits of physics, this aspect representing a challenge on its own.

Physical controls

The capacitive sensors of dune facilitate direct access to the output volume; warp and zoom models include our proprietary control mechanisms, that are offering a unique method of controlling the output volume and the menu that drives the entire functionality. The menu is being displayed on the devices or on any screen connected to the hdmi output.

Power supplies

We use the absolute best components and topology, independent for every stage, Left or Right channels, separated for digital, clocking engine, DAC, ADC, input/output stages


Built to order

Our flagship range, zoom and edge, along with the golden version of the dune and warp models are built to order. A wide range of customisations is available. Contact us for further details

Warranty is here to stay, so, we will not disappoint you. We are very confident about the quality of our products, therefore we are going beyond what is legally mandatory: any of our entry level products – dune / dune mono, warp / warp mono, float – is covered by a 5 years warranty. The flagship products – zoom / zoom stereo, edge – are covered by a 10 years warranty.

Updates / Support

We are constantly evolving. All the new features will be made available to all of our existing customers. In the unlikely situation that a hardware upgrade will be required, that will also be made available to all of our existing customers free of charge.